Organizers: Denis Covès1, Moana Maamaatuaiahutapu2 & Myriam Callier1

Affiliations: 1/ IFREMER, 2/ DRMM, Tahiti


Lead contact: Denis Covès

Description: The valorization of local biodiversity through aquaculture of finfish is one of the key challenges driving insular territories sustainable development in terms of research, environment, socioeconomics and governance fields. This session aims to highlight the importance of biological and ecological knowledge on wild species and populations providing tools for both determining the best candidates to aquaculture operations and potential consequences in terms of local and global environmental impacts. The interactions of local fisheries will be analyzed both in terms of potential local conflicts, complementarity and synergy.

Expected Audience: Ecology, Ecophysiology, Aquaculture and Fishery research and private sector, Policy and decisions makers, Marine protected area managers.