Organizers: Culum Brown1 & Johann Mourier1

Affiliation: 1/ Macquarie University, Australia


Lead contact: Culum Brown

Description: Studying fish movements is an extremely difficult pastime especially considering their aquatic environment and cryptic behaviour. However, recent technological developments in biotelemetry enable us to not only track fish but monitor the environment in which they are swimming. This session will encompass talks from a wide range of fish, ray and shark species and illustrate the cutting-edge technology that is now available to track fish, including bio-logging, acoustic tagging and acelerometry.

Expected Audience: There is a growing range of people interested in telemetry ranging from oceanographers to fish biologists. The technology is now hugely popular and used to study a wide range of species around the world. The added benefit is that this session is likely to receive heavy sponsorship from software and hardware developers (eg Vemco).