Organizer: João Pedro Barreiros

Affiliations: 1/ University of the Azores, Faculty of Agrarian and Environmental Sciences


Lead contact: João Pedro Barreiros

Description : The idea of this session is to discuss, analyze and propose as well as to write full length papers on a comprehensive, extensive overview of Indo-Pacific reef fishes and their trophic relationships. While a lot of material has been published in the last few years, a global and wide understanding of energy flows is urgently needed. The same problem applies to the Atlantic and my team is already working on a huge database covering ca. 3000 species from more than 500 locations. The Indo-Pacific overview will certainly be a huge task but badly needed as justified above.

Expected Audience : I expect to invite and motivate between 20 and 30 scientists from all over the World from fields such as fish ecology, food habits, feeding behavior and general predator-prey relationships, fisheries, management and marine protected areas.