The French Polynesia Fish Barcoding Database contains all the captured specimens during several field trips organised by CRIOBE or participated since 2006 in Archipelagoes of French Polynesia. The database is online and accessible to all following this link :

Eight albums are available:

  • Gambiers 2010
  • Fish Larvae Moorea BioCode (2008 à 2010)
  • Moorea 2006
  • Moorea Deep-Sea Fishes 2008
  • Mohotani 2009
  • Marquesas 2011
  • Australs 2013
  • Scilly 2015

For each classified specimen, following information can be available: scientific name, picture, date, GPS point, depth and method of capture, size, and Cytochrome Oxidase c Subunit 1 (CO1) DNA sequence. The database can be searched using name (genus or species) or using a part of the CO1 DNA sequence.

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