This grant is sponsored by French Pacific Fund allocated to Dr. Eric Clua (CRIOBE) and Dr. David Lecchini (CRIOBE) (SPP 55-1-2017)

Fish-watching in the Indo-Pacific, which includes activities such as shark and ray feeding as well as the observation of osteichtyen fishes, and has evolved considerably over the past several centuries. Today, fish-watching contributes significantly to local economies. However, its rapid growth has not allowed for the proper development of appropriate codes of conduct and regulations to ensure the long-term sustainability of these activities (including the tryptic: animals, economy and humans). Some activities focus on threatened and vulnerable species that are negatively impacted by inadequate practices, deviant behaviors generate can accidents with potential negative impacts on the activities, and if not managed effectively, local stakeholders do not receive the expected financial benefits from these activities.

Applicants for this grant are invited to present their research within this context, “Sustainable use of fish for animal-based ecotourism in the Indo-Pacific: How to reinforce mutual benefits?”. The presentation will be done in the session “H4/ The status and opportunities of marine wildlife tourism: Developing a multi-disciplinary framework to assess and manage the effects of tourism on marine species”.

Dr. Eric Clua, CRIOBE-Moorea, email:

Please send (in one pdf document) 1/ the title and an abstract (250 words) of your presentation, 2/ your CV (1 or 2 pages), and 3/ trip itinerary and an estimation of the cost of your flight.

Who should apply
All staff (researchers, lecturers, post-doctorates, doctorates and Master students) of Universities, Environmental/Fisheries department, and NGOs from Pacific Countries (South Pacific Islands, Australia, Japan, New-Zealand, and other Pacific countries…).