This grant is sponsored by French Pacific Fund and ASFB allocated to Dr. Jodie Rummer (JCU-Australia), Cécile Berthe (CRIOBE) and Dr. David Lecchini (CRIOBE)

Our current knowledge of marine life is due to the work of many passionate people around the world, male as well as female scientists that give their life to understand the oceans. Women have an increasing impact in this field making significant discoveries since the early 20th century with Rachel Carson or more recently with Sylvia Earle being the first female chief scientist of NOAA in 1990. Many women have made significant contributions to marine biology. But perhaps today more than ever, the oceans need our attention, our expertise, and our research to improve our understanding and our strategies to ensure the long-term health of Indo-Pacific Fish resources in the face of global change.
For 33 years the IPFC has facilitated international collaboration among scientists and managers in the field of ichthyology across the Indo-Pacific. Every four years, IPFC brings together more than 400 scientists from more than 30 countries to discuss important scientific findings and conservation priorities. Such conversations and collaborations are essential to move science forward.
We want to increase the possibility for early career female scientists from the Insular Indo-Pacific countries to participate in the next IPFC in Tahiti. Participation would give early career female scientists the opportunity to interact with leading females in their fields and benefit from their experience, advice, and mentorship.

Presentations in this session should be a career overview with highlights of your research. Explain us who you are, where you came from, your experiences, and what you focus on for your career. 

Dr. Jodie Rummer, JCU Australia, email:
Cécile Berthe, CRIOBE-Moorea, email:

Please send (in one pdf document) 1/ the title and an abstract (250 words) of your presentation, 2/ your CV (1 or 2 pages), and 3/ trip itinerary and an previsional budget for your conference attendance.

Who should apply
Early career female scientists (PhD student, Post-doc or researcher within 7 years of finishing PhD) from the Insular Indo-Pacific countries.