This grant is available to staff (researchers, lecturers, post-doctorates, and doctorates) from developing countries to participate in the session “Climate change and high CO2 effects on fishes: Moving from individual to community level effects”. It is sponsored by International Atomic Energy Agency allocated to Dr. David Lecchini (KX.O-FPL). This grant will cover travel and accommodation expenses. The chairman of the IPFC will waive the registration fees.


We have entered an era of increasing uncertainty about the effect of human activities on the function and services of marine and freshwater ecosystems. Although research on acidification of ocean and more recently freshwater systems has rapidly accelerated, there has been a primary emphasis on single stressor, single habitat, single species, single life stage, and short-term experiments. We are at a stage where we need to broaden the scope from simple experiments to more complex studies that allow us to better predict ocean or freshwater’ acidification changes in fish communities and diversity, and the ecosystem services they provide. We particularly welcome contributions on ocean or freshwater’ acidification that relate to: 1) multi-species interactions, 2) potential for species acclimation or adaption, 3) drivers of species community change, 4) ecosystem-level effects (e.g. phase shifts, resilience, productivity). Applicants for this grant are invited to present their research with a link to ocean or freshwater’ acidification. The presentation will be done in the session “F2/ Climate change and high CO2 effects on fishes: Moving from individual to community level effects”.

Dr. Marc Metian, IAEA-Monaco, email:
Dr. Ivan Nagelkerken, Univ. of Adelaide, email:
Dr. David Lecchini, CRIOBE-Moorea, email:

Please send (in one pdf document) 1/ the title and an abstract (250 words) of your presentation, 2/ your CV (1 or 2 pages), and 3/ trip itinerary and an estimation of the cost of your flight. You should send your applications before the 30th June 2017. The selection of applicants will be done before 10th July. All applicants will receive an answer (positive or negative) on 11th July.

Who should apply
All staff (researchers, lecturers, post-doctorates, and doctorates) from developing countries. Financial support towards travel and accommodation will be provided by the IAEA OA-ICC through CRIOBE for staff from countries eligible to receive IAEA support presenting their work on ocean acidification and whose abstracts are selected at IPFC.

For more details regarding eligibility, please contact Dr Marc Metian: