The IPFC chairman is pleased to offer the accommodation to 72 students from any countries. The accommodation will be at Institut de la Jeunesse et des Sports de Polynésie Française (IJSPF, see other hotels for students). The rooms are booked from Sunday 01st October to Saturday 07th October. The rooms are either dormitory of 7 beds or private rooms of 2 beds. The IPFC shuttle will run between the IPFC venue and the IJSPF.

Dr. David Lecchini, CRIOBE-Moorea, email:

Please send (in one pdf document) 1/ the title and an abstract (250 words) of your presentation, and 2/ your CV (1 or 2 pages), You should send your applications before the 30th June 2017. The selection of applicants will be done before 04th July. All applicants will receive an answer (positive or negative) on 05th July.

Who should apply
All students (under or equal to 32 years old) from any countries.