Picture from Lauric Thiault

The call for sessions at Tahiti 2017 IPFC started in August (https://ipfc10.criobe.pf/program/call-for-sessions/)and will run until 30th November 2016Don’t wait to send your proposal!

The scientific planning committee of IPFC invites researchers, resource managers and students to submit proposals for sessions at the 2017 IPFC. Themes will address systematics, evolution, phylogeny, ecology, behavior, conservation and fisheries in freshwater, coral reef/ pelagic/ deep fishes. The relationship between “Human (culture, anthropology, sociology) and Fish” will be also a target topic of this 10th IPFC. Multidisciplinary/cross-disciplinary, solution-oriented sessions are particularly encouraged in which a range of participants can interact with a goal of producing concrete outputs leading to positive coral reef outcomes. The 10th IPFC will provide a platform for scientists and stakeholders from around the Indo-Pacific and beyond to gather, to share knowledge, to build new collaborations and to find new and innovative ways of managing and ensuring the long-term sustainability of these globally important fish stocks.

Have a look at the “call for sessions” page of our website, to see the proposals already made.

Best Regards,

David Lecchini, Chairman of the IPFC Tahiti