charlesOrganizers: CHARLES Mahé/LE BIHAN Onyx
Lead contact: Mahé CHARLES
Affiliations: French Agency for Marine Protected Areas/ Moorea Municipality (French Polynesia)/

Description: Participative approaches are diverse. They may be needed to support different steps of a marine managed area life-cycle involving a decision- making process. This session proposes to set the scene as regards consultation processes and notably different archetypal models defined by Mermet (2005) and used in practice to improve an existing management plan dedicated to sustain multiple uses in the 50 ha reef-lagoon system of Moorea (French Polynesia).
As part of the RESCCUE regional project financed by the French Aid Agency (AFD) and implemented by the Pacific Community (SPC), theoretical consultation models have been collectively discussed with selected local stakeholders in order to define a robust consultation processthat was need and formalized in a roadmap to help managers and local authorities. This session offers the opportunity to consider the operational use of such theoretical approaches in the context of a Pacific island where lagoon resources (including commercial lagoon fishes) are at stake. This session would allow different case studies’ presentations to discuss consultation processes uses and efficiency to support marine management in the Indo-Pacific context.

Expected Audience: The expected audience for this presentation includes social scientists and other scientists interested and involved in adaptative marine management. The target audience also consists of managers and practionners involved in marine and coastal management including local authorities. A limited size audience would allow discussions about related experiences in the region, and strengthen potential future regional cooperation.