On behalf of the French Society of Ichthyology, we are very pleased to invite participants of the Tahiti IPFC10 to publish their research in a regular issue of the Cybium: International Journal of Ichthyology.

The IPFC10 organization committee decided to allow review articles (any topics up to 15 printed pages), regular manuscripts (up to 8 printed pages) or short notes (up to 4 printed pages) submitted by either researchers or students to consider for publication.

Only one submission as first author is possible per participant. Published articles will be free of charges.

The participants should respect the Cybium rules (for further information, please find the attached pdf file). The manuscript (covering letter, main text and illustrations) should be send to the editor of Cybium, Dr Jean-Yves Sire  before the 30th October 2017. The received manuscripts will be selected by the editorial team and then forwarded to experts for review. The articles will be published in a regular issue of Cybium in 2018.

Contact : Dr Jean-Yves Sire (Editor) : jean-yves.sire@upmc.fr

Instructions to authors