The Indo-Pacific Fish Conference is an international conference held every four years, and has been attracting world–class scientists and delegates from around the globe since its inception in 1981. The Indo-Pacific is the largest marine biogeographic area on the planet, spanning an area from South Africa to Mexico, and providing habitat for many thousands of species. For 33 years, the IPFC conference has facilitated international collaboration among scientists and managers in the field of ichthyology throughout the Indo-Pacific.

The 10th IPFC will be held in Tahiti (2-6 October 2017). Characterized by its geographic isolation and its vast expanse of small islands and atolls, French Polynesia is a perfect case study for what similar island nations from around the Indo-Pacific are currently facing with respect to local and global change. Building on discussions and decisions made at the 2015 COP21 conference in Paris, we must continue to work together to discuss how we can further our understanding and our strategies to ensure the long-term health of Indo-Pacific Fish resources in the face of global change.

The scientific planning committee invites researchers, resource managers and students to submit proposals for sessions at the 2017 IPFC. Themes will address systematics, evolution, phylogeny, ecology, behavior, conservation and fisheries in freshwater, coral reef/ pelagic/ deep fishes. Multidisciplinary/cross-disciplinary, solution-oriented sessions are particularly encouraged in which a range of participants can interact with a goal of producing concrete outputs leading to positive coral reef outcomes.

Overall, the 10th IPFC will provide a platform for scientists and stakeholders from around the Indo-Pacific and beyond to gather, to share knowledge, to build new collaborations and to find new and innovative ways of managing and ensuring the long-term sustainability of these globally important fish stocks.

The call for session is now closed. Thanks for your proposals. 


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