Organizers: Parmentier Eric1 & Karplus Ilan2

Affiliations: 1/ University of Liege, Belgium; 2/ Institute of Animal Sciences the Volcani Research Center, Israel


Lead contact: Parmentier Eric

Description: This session provides a broad platform for studies dealing with the close associations of fishes with different organism such as bacteria, invertebrates, fishes and marine tetrapods. This session focuses on research on the inter specific relationships (mutualism, commensalism or parasitism) with fishes carried out both in the field and laboratory, covering a wide range of aspects such as ecology, morphological and physiological adaptations, partner specificity, communication, cost-benefit analysis, evolution of these partnerships and the evidence for co-evolutionary and independent processes. It results the session is interdisciplinary since only an integrated multidisciplinary research effort can help to better understand the symbiotic way of life. At the end of this session a special informal meeting with presentations of photos of symbiotic relationships with short commentaries is suggested. Participants interested in presenting their photos are requested to write to the session organizers (i.e., number of photos and their topics) so that the duration of this meeting and the order of photo presentation can be efficiently planed.

Expected Audience: This session should be of interest to students and researchers of almost all disciplines since areas such as functional morphology, physiology, ecology, behavior and evolution will be addressed by some of the presenters in this session. Moreover, we believe that also a non-professional audience such as SCUBA divers and fish lovers will enjoy listening to some of the lectures in this session. The relationship between fishes and other organisms is among some of the most “sexy” and appealing topics for the wide audience.