Organizers: Keiichi Matsuura1, Hugo Jacob2 & Gerard Closs3

Affiliations: 1/ National Museum of Nature and Science, Japan; 2/ CRIOBE – USR 3278 CNRS EPHE UPVD, PSL, Labex Corail, Moorea, French Polynesia; 3/ Department of Zoology, University of Otago, New Zealand

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Lead contacts: Keiichi Matsuura, Hugo Jacob & Gerard Closs

Description: The scientific committee of IPFC decided to create a general session about systematic, taxonomy, biology and ecology of marine and freshwater fishes. If your research do not fit with one of the session proposed, you could still come at Tahiti and present your research in this general session. Once all abstracts will be submitted in this session, we will organize the different presentations according to their topic.

Expected Audience: All researchers, students or NGO staff, whatever their topic, are welcome to this general session.

An important point: In order to avoid some sessions with few oral presentations, the scientific committee of IPFC could delete one session if there will have less than 8 abstracts submitted in the session. Keiichi Matsuura, Hugo Jacob and Gerard Closs created a ‘General session’. So, the participants having submitted an abstract in a session not selected (less than 8 participants) will be moved in this general session.