The IPFC Chair created several products related to the event. The classical white t-shirt with the logo of the conference can be purchased at the time of registration (one per registration, 15 €). If you want more than one, or if you are interested by others IPFC items (see below), please contact Pierre from the Opunohu Criobe Moorea Association :

Limited quantities!

IPFC T-shirt

IPFC T-shirt (mesh) 15€

t-shirt ipfc

Drawn by a local tattoo guy, Taniera from Moorea Island, the logo of the conference aims to reflect the traditional culture of French Polynesia. The polynesian frieze adds the five elements to the Fish:

  • the semi-circles represent the sun / fire
  • the triangles represent the islands / earth
  • the waves represent the combination of wind and water

Last element but not the least : the Tiki representing the human beings, upside down, as they are reflected in the water of the polynesian lagoons.

IPFC Polos

IPFC Polo (mesh) 24€


IPFC Other Items

IPFC Cap (mesh) 13€

cap ipfc

IPFC translucent drink bottle 13€

bottle ipfc.jpg

IPFC Umbrella 34€